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GO-BO is a modular martial arts weapons kit that consolidates 27 weapons into one easy to carry case which reduces weight by 80%.


Kit Contents: 

8 stick segments, 12 inches long x 1 inch diameter

8 connectors

4 end caps

2 kama attachments

2 nunchaku attachments

2 tonfa attachments


Available Weapons:

1-foot sticks (x8)

2-foot sticks (x4)

3-foot sticks (x2)

4-foot sticks (x2)

5-foot staff (x1)

6-foot staff (x1)

7-foot staff (x1)

8-foot staff (x1)

kama (x2)

nunchaku (x2)

tonfa (x2)

3-section staff (x1)

GO-BO modular martial arts weapons kit

Out of Stock
  • Ensure connectors are locked into place before use!

    GO-BO is intended for training, demonstration, and display use only.  There is not guarantee as to how much impact pieces can tolerate.

    Store pieces in their original case to prevent loss or damage.

  • GO-BO kits have a 30-day money back guarantee.  Return the entire kit undamaged for a full refund.

    Individual pieces can be replaced at any time at no replacement cost by paying for shipping costs.

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