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Make transporting weapons easy with

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The patent-pending modular

martial arts weapons kit

e imageedit_40_5083825564.png

With GO-BO,

you get 27 weapons

in one easy to carry case

Each GO-BO kit contains:

  • 8 12-inch stick segments

  • 8 connectors

  • 4 end caps

  • 2 kama attachments

  • 2 nunchaku attachments

  • 2 tonfa attachments

  • 1 carry case

27 weapons

27 weapons 2a.jpg

GO-BO can be configured into the following 27 weapons:

  • 1-foot sticks x8

  • 2-foot sticks x4

  • 3-foot sticks x2

  • 4-foot sticks x2

  • 5-foot staff x1

  • 6-foot staff x1

  • 7-foot staff x1

  • 8-foot staff x1

  • Kama x2

  • Nunchaku x2

  • Tonfa x2

  • 3-section staff x1


Interchangeable pieces lock together with a simple

push & twist

Specially designed connectors make it easy to assemble weapon combinations quickly and securely


GO-BO reduces weight of
traditional weapons by 80%

Each of the weapons that GO-BO makes can easily add up to

over 25 pounds, but a GO-BO kit only weighs about 5 pounds.


GO-BO uses real wood 

to approximate the

look and feel of

traditional weapons

GO-BO uses Ash wood precision machined to eliminate connection overlap with a tight, smooth fit.

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